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In many companies it is still common today to use Excel lists for vacation planning. It is clear from numerous customer reports that there are always difficulties with this type of vacation management. For this reason, more and more companies are switching to an online vacation planner such as Vacationizr.

Reasons why you too should switch to an online vacation planner now:

Excel files with macros/scripts can provide extensive analysis and statistical functions for personnel management and reduce manual maintenance efforts. However, the request and approval processes must take place on separate communication channels, which often takes a lot of time. Vacationizr, on the other hand, integrates these processes with data management and is used jointly by employees, HR managers, accounting, management, etc.

When working with Excel spreadsheets for vacation planning, different access rights have to be assigned due to the nature of the data held. This requires password protection at the file level, network level or VB scripts. Any changes in the assignment of rights mean technical effort. The Vacationizr, on the other hand, has a built-in, comprehensive and easy-to-use rights management, which simplifies the whole process considerably.

Vacationizr is accessible cross-platform from anywhere at any time.

Vacationizr requires no technical infrastructure, setup effort or technical support on the user side.

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